EP 825 -The Secret War of Lisa Simpson

Bart lands himself in a huge amount of trouble after pulling a prank on a school excursion. Chief Wiggum says that Bart needs some discipline, and recommends that he goes to military school. While Bart doesn't want to go, Lisa wants to go because having an IQ of 156, but being in year 2 means she is constantly underchallenged and bored in school. Being the only female in the whole school, Lisa is excluded from everyone else, and after initial hazing, Bart is accepted, however, Lisa is still isolated. Bart and Lisa form a stronger bond as Bart helps Lisa, but he can only do so in private, because the other cadets still haven't accepted Lisa. To pass military school, all of the cadets must complete an insanely dangerous physical test, called "The Eliminator". Bart does it with a bit of effort, but Lisa is scared to death. Bart helps Lisa train at night, but she still isn't up to it. Just when she thinks she is about to fall, the love and support of Bart allow her to pull herself back up and complete it; making her the first ever female to pass a year at military school. Both children return home more disciplined that when they left.

Notes: Lisa becoming the first female student to enroll at Rommelwood is a takeoff of Shannon Faulkner becoming the first female cadet at The Cidadel.

Trivia: Willem Dafoe guest starred as the military school leader.

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