EP 907 - The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

Springfield is holding a charity bachelor auction and with Barnery, Moe, Sea Captain, and other lackluster men at the stand things do not go well.

Marge tells Apu to stand up and he describes himself as a business owner, furniture builder who likes to have conversations on where to put furniture, etc. and turns out to be a big hit.

Apu begins to love his life as a bachelor until a letter from his mother arrives with a Lotus Flower symbolizing that the time for his arranged marriage has come.

Apu asks Homer to let him fake marriage with Marge and Homer decides to let it pass and plays the role of family friend and stays at the Retirement Home as a senior who's been AWOL. Apu's mother grows skeptical when Bart and Lisa know nothing of India and she realizes the truth. When the missing senior returns, Homer flees back to his home and stays in his room while Apu uses a sleeping bag. Apu's mom bursts in and sees the sight of Homer and Marge in the bed and Apu on the ground and realizes the truth and the plan for a wedding resumes.

The wedding is held in the Simpson's backyard and Homer tries to foil it by disguising himself as the Hindu God Ganesh (which he pronounces incorrectly) and only angers the crowd.

After meeting his bride, Manjula, Apu decides that his marriage may end happily.

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