EP 908 - Lisa the Skeptic

On a drive home, Lisa discovers that the Sabertooth Park is having a mall built over it. Lisa is appauled since the park is known for having several fossils and so she calls in a favor from Principal Skinner.

All honor role students are to be rewarded with an archaeological dig while all detention students are to be punished with an archaeological dig.

Just as they give up, Lisa discovers what looks like the skeleton of an angel. While the town tries to figure out who keeps the angel, Homer loots it and takes it home to make a museum out of in his garage (with admission and a gift shop). Lisa chips a peice from Dr. Stephen Jay Gould for testing which returns as inconclusive.

Lisa is put on the Smartline TV Show for debate (yet again) and causes a riot against the science community. During the chaos the angel is stolen and is found on a hill where a voice proclaims that The End is Near.

When the time comes, the angel is revealed to be a publicity stunt for the mall that was being built.

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