EP 911 - All Singing, All Dancing

It's the family movie night and Marge and Lisa are waiting for Homer and Bart to bring home one of the movies they requested.

However, when the boys return, Marge and Lisa are dissapointed to find that they rented a shoot em' up western. Homer pops in Paint your Wagon to find out it's actually a musical despite all the traditional western actors.

From this point on, all conversation is done in song.

Homer shuts it off immediately as he hates musicals. Marge immediately reminds him that he's been in his own series of musical numbers and a clip show ensues featuring Homer's songs.

Snake jumps through the window to rob the Simpsons and hold them hostage but decides not to since they are singing and wouldn't want hostages like that.

Bart begins to make fun of Homer's singing but to counter that a tape of Bart singing is pulled out embarrasing him. Lisa also points out that Mr. Burns, Krusty, and other Sprinfieldians have had musical numbers.

Snake returns again to kill the family for getting a song stuck in his head but leaves because he is out of ammo.

Marge comments on church, government, and other songs by establishment and Homer admit that there are some thing worse than musicals.

Snake returns one last time but leaves once the Simpsons tell him they're done singing. Once gone, Marge starts humming and Snape fires a bullet through the wall.

Featured Songs:
Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Springfield Springfield, Burlesque House, See my Vest, Monorail, and more

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