EP 924 - Lost Our Lisa

Marge and Lisa are about to go to the Art Museum where an Egyptian exhibit is on display. Just as they are about to go, Bart comes home with comedy props superglued to his face. Marge takes him to the emergency room thinking he may have eaten the glue and to get the props off and tells Lisa not to leave.

Lisa tricks Homer into getting permission to take the bus and then gets lost in Sprinfield. After Lenny and Carl point out what Homer's done, Homer goes after Lisa. Lisa gets close to the museum and Homer mans a cherry-picker to find her. The brakes on it fail and Homer slides into the pier bay. Seeing her dad, Lisa tells the bridge operator to lower the bridge, catching Homer on his head with the two ends of the bridge.

On a car ride home, Lisa says she'll never take a stupid risk like that again. Homer is shocked, telling Lisa stupid risks can be great and takes her to the musuem. The two go to the musuem which is now closed but Homer sneaks them in. While at the exhibit, Homer knocks over an orb with an unknown purpose. It opens, revealing itself to be a music box and Lisa is amazed and realizes that Homer was right.

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