Homer Goes To College

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer manages to cause a nuclear meltdown in the simulation unit

Homer has to go back to college after failing a test at the Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Burns has to get Homer into a college, because all the colleges Homer applied to rejected him based on his health and poor school records. Homer has a stereotypical hollywood image of what college should be like, so he immediately makes fun of the nerds and has a grudge against the Dean. The Dean tells Homer to get some help from a few nerds after he nearly destroys the school in a nuclear demonstration. Homer tries to teach the nerds how to have a good time, so he decides that they will all pull a prank and steal another college's mascot, the mascot in question is the Springfield University's mascot, Piggy.. Their plan fails and they are expelled immediately.. Homer invites the nerds to stay at his house where they annoy the rest of the family to the extent that they want them to leave. Homer decides that he needs to get the nerds back into college, so he makes a plan for the nerds to save the Deans life. The nerds fail and the Dean ends up in the hospital, but Homer explains everything and the Dean reinstates the nerds. Homer was too busy making up pranks and forgot to study for his exam. He fails the exam, but the nerds change his grade with a computer. Marge finds out and makes Homer take the class again.


Gary: Oh, don't worry, Mr. Simpson, we can take care of ourselves.
Snake: Uh, wallet inspector!
Benjamin: Oh, here you go. I believe that's all in order.
Snake: Wow, I can't believe that worked! (runs away)
Homer: Hey wait a minute… that's not the wallet inspector!


[prank calling Dean Peterson]
Homer: Hello, Dean? You're a stupidhead.
Dean Peterson: Homer, is that you?
[looks out window, sees Homer on a pay phone across the street]
Homer: [looks up, sees the Dean] AAH!
[runs away]

Guest Voices

Other Information

Air Date : 10-14-93

Chalkboard : none

Couch : The family sits on the couch and gets crushed by a huge foot


  • Jim Reardon


  • Conan O'Brien

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