Homer Loves Flanders

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Nacho Nacho Man!

Homer spends a lot of time with Ned Flanders after finding out that he has football season tickets. In a short space of time though, Homer really does begin to like Flanders, who on the other hand isn't too sure if his new friendship is so great. When both the Simpsons and the Flanders go on a joint camping trip his animosity for Homer grows until it dawns on him: he hates his neighbor. Of course being the Christian that he is, Ned doesn't want to hurt Homer's feelings though, and tries to gently let him down every time he can't do something with Homer. But he can't hold it in for too long, finally snapping at the Springfield Community Church. The entire congregation looks down on Ned, who is then defended by Homer. They remain friends, until Homer finds out that he doesn't actually like Ned after all.


Homer: Nacho, nacho man. I want to be, a nacho man.

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Other Information

Air Date : 2-24-94

Chalkboard : I am not delightfully saucy.

Couch : There are two couches side by side, they're split in half with half of each member going to a different couch.

Production Code : 1F14


  • Wesley Archer

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