Homer the Vigilante

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Homer's vigilante crew

An elderly cat burglar named Molloy is moving around different houses stealing the citizen's pride possesions. Homer is outraged and forms a citizens' watch group. Unfortunately they end up breaking more rules than they protect whilst trying to find the robber. As this is going on, Molloy still commits crimes, taking Springfield's most valuable items. But when he goes after the biggest one of them all - the world's biggest cubic zirconia, housed in the Springfield Museum it ends up pear-shaped for Molloy. He has to return everything he has stolen.


Homer Simpson: It's time to clean up this town!
Seymour Skinner: Meaning what, exactly?
Homer Simpson: You know, push people around, make ourselves feel big.

Guest Voices

  • Sam Neil

Other Information

Air Date : 1-06-94

Chalkboard : I am not authorized to fire substitute teachers.

Couch : They run into each other and explode, then Maggie's pacifier hits the floor of the blackened room.


  • Jim Reardon


  • John Swartzwelder

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