Lenny Leonard


Lenny is another lowly worker at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and is not very bright. He's often seen along side Carl Carlson, his best friend. He is a high ranking member of a secret society, and also has a glass eye. Lenny is often drinking at Moe's Tavern in his spare time.

Lenny and Carl are very close friends and always hang out together. Later on in the seasons, it is very often hinted that both are more than friends, and are attracted to each other. In the special Behind The Laughter Simpsons episode, when it was said Bart was throwing money around, it was mentioned he paid Lenny and Carl 1,000 bucks if they both kissed. Carl shortly asked afterwards if they ever got that money. In the Simpsons Movie, Lenny and Carl are shown embracing each other. There's about a dozen more situations like those.

[edit] Voiced by

Harry Shearer

[edit] Quotes

Lenny: So then I said to the cop, "No, you're driving under the influence ... of being a jerk".

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