Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Lisa is the young girl in the Simpson family. Lisa is the cleverest person in Springfield, although not as clever as Professor Frink. She is the brightest student at the Springfield Elementary. She has been moved up grades in some episodes, only to move back down again after failing to show herself at a level deemed worthy. Originally Baptist, she is now a Buddhist (and vegetarian). She is named after Matt Groening's sister.

[edit] Family

Lisa is the second youngest child of Homer and Marge but is the brightest in the family and the older sister of Maggie. Because of her families lack of intelligence they never seem to take Lisa seriously. Lisa is a competent babysitter, and (even after nearly killing Bart) is one of the most recommended in Springfield.

[edit] Crushes

Milhouse van Houten and Ralph Wiggum are known to have had crushes on Lisa, whilst she has gone out with Nelson Muntz who is 2 years older than her.

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