Marge on the Lam

From Season 5


Episode Summary

Marge and Ruth escape, Thelma and Louise style

Homer promises Marge he will pick her up and take her to the ballet. However, he gets his hands stuck in a vending machine and is late to pick her up. Ruth Powers comes over and Marge invites her to go to the ballet. They both have a wonderful time. Against Homer's objections, Marge decides to go out with Ruth the next night where they end up in a high-speed chase. Homer, using a megaphone, convineces Marge and Ruth to stop because they are heading right toward the edge of a cliff. Marge and Ruth stop while Homer and Chief Wiggum go flying into a dump. Meanwhile, Lionel Hutz is babysitting the kids.


[Ruth arrives to pick up Marge, driving a convertible and wearing a leather jacket]
Marge Simpson: You look... nice.
Ruth Powers: Tonight has nothing to do with nice, Marge. Tonight is all about...
[she pops a tape into the stereo: Lesley Gore's "Sunshine, Lollipops...” starts playing]
Ruth Powers: Oh, sorry, Marge, wrong tape.
[she pops another tape in: Guns 'N Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle" blares, and she floors it]

Guest Voices

  • Phil Hartman
  • George Fenneman

Other Information

Air Date : 11-5-93

Chalkboard : None

Couch : The family runs through the wall.


  • Mark Kirkland


  • Bill Canterbury

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