Monorail Car

Monorail Car
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[edit] Overview

The Monorail Car is probably the worst that the Hidden Cars have to offer. Although it doesn't seem like it, I have proven it to actually be very slow, unlike most of the other Hidden Cars. It cannot reach any great top speeds, which is somewhat hidden by its excellent acceleration. It is not tough at all; it will explode after 4 or 5 full-speed hits against a wall. Its handling is okay, but still not very good. Altogether, the Monorail Car is not too good of a car, in simple terms.

[edit] Where to Find

The Monorail Car is very easy to find, if you pay attention well. In the downtown section of Level 2 (the area where you'll see the large ramp that goes through a glass tube, if you look around, you'll find a small set of stairs near the highway. Go up them to reach a monorail station, with a long monorail, with the usable car at the front. You will need to visit this area anyway for 100% completion (since there are also Wasp Cameras up there).

If you are still having trouble finding it, wait until you reach Level 5, on the mission "Never Trust a Snake". During the mission, you'll travel up the same set of stairs as you'll need to climb in order to get to the monorail.

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