Speed Rocket

Speed Rocket
Driver LevelsN/A

[edit] Overview

The first hidden car in the game is actually quite high in stats. It is by far the fastest car in the game. It can reach an extremely high top speed in very little time at all, due to the amazing acceleration. It can get around corners well, too. However, this car is not a wise choice, unless you are a great player, due to the low amount of abuse this car can take. A hit against the wall will damage this car to more than 75%, and two full-speed hits will have this thing in pieces. Unless you are amazing at the game, don't use this car.

[edit] Where to Find

The first hidden car is not very hidden at all. In the rich side of town (past the school and over the small bridge), you should see a large gold house belonging to Mayor Quimby. The Speed Rocket sits right in front of the house.

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