The Simpsons House

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We've all seen the fictional cartoon house that our favorite familiy lives in, except not all people know about the existing house in Henderson, Nevada.

In 1997, Kaufman and Broad Corp. worked with FOX Broadcasting Company to create the a lifesize and livable replica of the fictional TV Home. The house is 2,200 square feet.

There was a contest to see who would win the house. Nearly 15,000,000 people applied to win. The winner was Barbara Howard. She's 63 years old. Howard applies for many prizes and often gives them away to needy people, according to her daughters.

The address of the home is The Simpsons House, 712 Red Bark Lane in Kaufman and Broad Corp.'s Springfield Community South Valley Ranch (The Simpsons live in The City of Springfield).

The house has many different colors. It includes all the rooms features on the show. It includes all of the props like the sail-boat painting and The Simpson's swingset.

<a href="">Here</a> you can find many different articles, pictures and video regarding the house.

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